New update v1.02

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New update v1.02

Mensaje por yordanoyuela1 el Lun Mar 29, 2010 1:30 pm

setool update v1.02 ( 29-03-10 )

- added preliminary support for a2 cid26 phones (s5320 at the moment)
at the moment, network unlock possible by flashing special firmware from
samsung s5320 should be connected with "9+#" pressed in order to enter
boot mode.
all other functions supported without notable exceptions.

- added a2 db3150,db3200,db3210 emptyboard fill support.
you need special cable in order to successfully write OTP chip, +7.5v
should be applied to DCIO (charger pin, pin 12)

Download v1.02.rar

activation required in order to use that update.
just unpack 1.02.rar in existing setool2 directory
( setool2.ini not included in dist anymore, so your password/username
will not be overwritten)
and run activator.exe.
i strongly advice users to run only activator.exe
which included in v1.02 archive or from that


activation cost 20 credits.

activation will assure that you will be able to use latest setool2
updates and use new support area.
old support area will be frozen, no new flash files will be uploaded
on it. also, old support area will be terminated in that year

thanks for your support.
best regards
setool update v1.02 ( 29-03-10 )


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