Nuevo Firm N96 20.050 con NSU de Nokia

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Nuevo Firm N96 20.050 con NSU de Nokia

Mensaje por ~>IsmaEl<~ el Jue Jun 04, 2009 5:21 pm

Estaba intentando actualizarlo con el Phoenix, pero antes me he puesto con el NSU y ya ha salido.

New features:
- Nokia Email client and Mail for Exchange (MfE) preloaded (User will install and
configure email clients with the help of Settings Wizard)
- Settings Wizard 5.0: offers improvements for Nokia Email and MfE setup
- Active Standby Email Plug-in: showing new email messages on Active Standby screen
Look & Feel:
- Support for Audio Themes: configurable sounds for various events e.g. opening/closing
slide, battery low etc
- Setting to allow a slideshow to be used as wallpaper
- Slide handling: Setting to allow user to configure effect opening/closing the slide has
on a call and keylock
- WiFi Protected Setup is now supported, allowing simplified setup of WLAN security
with a supported WLAN access point
- Support of IAD (Independent Application Delivery): Allows certain applications to be
updated independently over the air.
- Correction for occasional CMLA (Content Management License Administrator)
certificate corruption. (These certificates are needed for e.g. Mobile TV and N-Gage
license purchases)
Energy management:
- Shorter lights/screen timeout when lockswitch activated. Backlight dims as soon as
keylock is enabled
- Media Keys surrounding the rocker key lit only if a media application is open
- Right Softkey changed from "Hide" to "Exit" for Music Player for EM savings
- A number of improvements made to the Camera image quality
- The device SW version information is now stored in the image MetaData
- Default recording quality for video is changed from ‘TV normal’ to TV high’.
- Noise reduction of recorded videos
- New version of Music player: Performance and “Comes With Music”-related improvements.
- FlashLite update for improved YouTube compatibility – improvements in rendering of Flash Video
- General Media player &streaming related usability & performance improvements
- OMA DRM v2 content can use device clock if no secure clock (i.e. NITZ) is available
- Empty bookmark folders removed from Browser bookmarks (i.e. the “Download…” folders)
- Link to is included in Browser bookmarks
- Vibra enabled when charging
- When gaming in landscape mode, stereo audio will be played through correct speakers
- Updated Themes
- Slide triggered keyguard activation: When closing the slide, pressing any key within 2 seconds
will result in keylock not being activated
- Several error corrections based on Care and operator feedback
- Several application baseline updates

Codigos de producto para no tener nada de movistar ni orange ni vodafone ni nada:
0543713 EURO1 - Warm Titanium
0554452 SPAIN - Warm Titanium

estos codigos los tenéis que cambiar con el NSS.

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