"MModule" v3.50

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"MModule" v3.50

Mensaje por tavo_unlock el Miér Jul 21, 2010 10:54 am

UTStarcom-GPFE1258 model supported .ZTE-G-S213 model supported .BMobile-TV9 model supported .Alcatel-208A, 208X models supported .firmware database updated .Alcatel operations improved .new flash chip types supported .brom.dll/DA v3.1016.00 .minor bugs fixed

16 Jul 2010: "ChineseMiracle" v3.16: .security area repair improved (127 new firmwares supported) .new flash chip types supported .new bootcode and brom.dll/DA v3.1012.00 .NOR/NAND flash read operations improved ."touchscreen calibration" improved for new firmware types .firmware structure detection improved for new firmware types .a lot of internal improvements .firmware database updated 16 Jul 2010:

2010: "Pinout" v1.49 released: .pinout database structure changed .information about new pinouts/cables released .several cables/pinouts corrected ."Shell" v1.37 or higher should be used !
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