[Aporte] MonsterPack Black Storm para Rokr E2

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[Aporte] MonsterPack Black Storm para Rokr E2

Mensaje por mctato el Vie Dic 25, 2009 5:16 pm

• Application to rename pictures with graphic menu (fotoren). It changes the name of the moto_ * picture to the following form: yyyy-mm-dd_hh.mm.ss.jpg
• SD Manager completely redesigned. Much more efficient!
• New program: Skin Manager
• Camera with zoom up to 8x
• Tap writing method improved
• Incremented volume
•New ringtones
• The low battery annoying sound were replaced with a vibration
• ilove3d Kernel v1 (ext2 and ext3 support, multiple keypress)
• Utilities (PhoneWareManager, System Info, Intel Xscale, SD Manager, LoadSDskin, Desktop visuals, Lights control, Refresh phone, Reboot, Fotoren, LinkSYS, BootGreetings, Print screen, EFEM)
• Included mpkg:
Adv Volume Editor: to edit volume table. Allows sound increase, decrease and equalize
Backup Tools: Creates and restore backup of contacts, alarms, lists of music, skins, applications…
HideFolders: to hide folders in your SD
Open With: to associate file types to a program
Vmemory: to create swap virtual memory from the cell. Very useful if you have not created partition swap yet
VR replace: to replace the voice key function. Two programs can be linked to this key because it includes short and long pressure
• The brightness isn’t modified when you makes overcloking/underclocking
• Possibility to change the voice commands easily!!! You should put on the file "command" that is in this download, inside the folder my_favor.
• Skins: OP, Revolution, Alkali (stock)
• MotoID working and stock games
• Descompresor of rar; zip; tar; tar.gz files
• My_FAVOR automatically executes:
apmd (to make overcloking/underclocking)
myfont.ttf (to change the font of the skin)
ezx_volumetable.cfg (to modify the volume)
ui_start_up_mono.wav (to change the sound when the phone boot up)
• In both versions there are not support for squash files system as proved to be an average of 15% slower
• The download includes three mpkg:
Rockbox: music player
Zmplayer: video player
softlock: software keylock (by C + *)

The version with kaledoiscope adds the following functions:

• Software keylock (by C + *)
• Copy/Paste function
• Multitasking for ezx-application
• Icons in submenus
• ilaunch bar

Attention: this version removes the synchronization with Motorola Phone Tools and it`s a bit slower

Important: This FW doesn’t modify your operative band. The frequencies your network works aren’t changed

This package contains:

• Firmware
• Installation guide
• Motorola USB drivers 3.4 & Telnet drivers
• RSD Lite 3.8
• Apmd Pack
• Voice commands modification kit
• Triband flex pack
• Mpkg Pack

Creditos a su respectivo autor... estaba posteada en un foro sin creditos

Agu-Rp-87: Esta es la MP que estoy utlizando actualmente... hace mas rapido al E2.. y es muy buena...


is for EZRA
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